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Is Abstract art really that easy ??? Good Abstract art is much more difficult then you think!

Sometimes I find that people are turned off by abstract art for one reason or another. Most of them believe that anyone with a few paint tubes and a canvas can be an abstract artist. That is far from the truth. Good abstract art is way more difficult then one may think. Slapping random colors on your canvas is one thing, making great abstract is another. My first time trying to make abstract was incredibly difficult. I found that my color choices were either way to bold, or too transparent. I also found that it can be difficult sometimes to see a picture in your "mistakes". One thing I developed over the years was creating wonderful pieces of art by finding pictures in these "mistakes".

There are many different techniques I've developed over the years that have slowly been refined. Therefore, sometimes people see my work and see how easy it looks, they assume its very simple to accomplish. They are unaware that these skills and techniques take many years to develop. They are also unaware that even with the best skills and techniques there is still one thing that is missing.....imagination and creativity.

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