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Stumped on which brand of acrylic paints to use for your painting? I got you covered!

First things first. I would not take advice from anyone about paint brands unless they knew what they were talking about. I would like to invite you to my website to have a look at my gallery of abstract paintings.

With the advice that I'm going to give you, you will no longer need to heavily filter your photographs to display online. After painting for many years, I have experimented with all different brands of acrylic paints. Today I'm going to tell you which ones I use. I'm going to tell you the secret to make your paintings vibrant.

Do you need to purchase very expensive paints?

The answer is no. However I highly recommend getting some expensive paint to use for the areas that you want to draw the eye to.

What is the method?

Paint your paintings with brands such as masters touch (cheap local brand found at hobby lobby etc). I wouldn't recommend using those ultra cheap brands from Walmart (apple valley or whatever they're called lol) If your painting has a highlight point that you want the viewer to focus on, Use Golden acrylics. Golden acrylics is a high quality artist paint that is worth every penny. I was blown away by the vibrancy these colors give off. These paints are a game changer when it comes to art. The tubes of paint shown in the picture go for about $15 to $25 bucks on Amazon. Its a fantastic way to add vibrancy to your painting.

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